Stainless steel kitchen benchtops have become very widespread throughout Australia in recent years. Stainless steel is highly durable, offers unmatched performance, and comes in a clean, attractive look. Traditionally used in commercial kitchens, they’ve become all the more popular in domestic homes of late. Stainless steel kitchen benchtops won’t chip or fade, can stand up to high temperatures, and will handle any spill with easy cleanup. They’re perfect for indoor kitchens or outdoor barbecues just the same. If you’re interested in getting a stainless steel benchtop installed in your home, there are several high-quality options throughout Australia from which to choose.

Martin Stainless Steel
Based in Sydney, Martin Stainless Steel offers high-quality kitchen benchtops throughout NSW. With custom, laser-cut benches, Martin can fit any wall or corner. They work with 304 and 316-grade stainless steel, amongst the highest-quality materials available. All Martin kitchen benches are durable and vermin-proof, ensuring maximum hygiene standards. A wide array of custom features are available, including splashbacks, sink sizes, and storage options.

ControlFab Steel Fabricators
Headquartered in Melbourne, ControlFab has more than two decades of experience manufacturing sheet metal and stainless steel. They offer a wide variety of kitchen benchtops in an array of different sizes, shapes, and styles. Those include islands, single sinks, double sinks, and splashbacks. They are also a 100% Australian owned and operated company, so you can rest assured that they will always reach the highest Australian standards of quality.

AMSS Group
AMSS – short for All Metal & Stainless Solutions – has been creating stainless steel kitchen benchtops since 1988. Their specialty is customisation; a highly-qualified AMSS tradesman works closely with each customer to ensure that every need is met. Both mass-produced and fully custom one-off kitchen benchtops are available. They offer commercial-grade 30 cm sink bowls, as well as domestic 20 cm sink bowls, all of which are welded into the benchtop for a sleek, classic look.

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